Hey all, I've been having issues trying to get any distro to run on my new rig. I just built it, but I spent most of my budget on the cpu and memory, so i just have a mobo with an onboard nvidia geforce 6150. Whenever I try to boot a distro, one of two things happens:

1. it looks like it's loading, then hangs, giving me a blank black screen
2. it drops me to a grub shell

i managed to figure out, painstakingly, that it was the lack of a nvidia driver that was causing this. thanks to google and these forums, i also found i could add the boot parameter xforcevesa to get the live cd and installation to work, then install the right driver from there. unfortunatly, this tactic only works in ubuntu.

realizing there is linux life beyond ubuntu, i would like to install another distro, but none seem to work (due to the above problem). I'm not quite sure how to fix it. Here are a few of my ideas:

1. could i recreate the .iso with the correct nvidia driver?
2. is there a way to install a driver via the bios, or maybe if i changed the bios?? (i don't know much about the bios)
3. should i just give up and buy a better supported graphics card? (not optimal, but i will if i have to)

I'm thinking number 1 would probably work, though i don't know how to do it/don't know if i'm confident enough in my linux abilities. If anyone could help shed light on this problem, even just reassurement that one of the ideas may work, i'd be greatly appreciative. until then, i guess i just have to rock the brown.