I'm having trouble using the wizardpen driver with my Trust TB-6300 tablet (which is supposed to be supported). I'm using Centos Release 5 with X window 7.1.1.
I have downloaded and compiled the wizardpen driver from http://www.kubuntu.dk/wizardpen/wiza...
It's somewhat working but I have the following problems:
1) the calibration seems OK becasue I can use the entire area of the tablet but this is mapped to a very small area in the upper left corner of the screen. I have added some debug output to the driver to see what actually gets passed in the xf86PostMotionEvent calls and it looks correct (for the bottom right corner of my tablet I get the correct coordinates for the bottom right corner of my screen). Yet somewhere this gets screwed and somehow mapped to the very small area in the top-left corner.
I have hacked this problem by multiplying the value of the reported X coordinate with 20 and the value of the Y coordinate with 30 so now I get the tablet mapped to my whole screen but this is a really ugly hack.
2) However I can't get over the other problem: when I touch the stylus to the tablet it seems like I get two button push events: one for button 1 and one for button 2. I checked this with xev. I also added debug statements where the wizardpen driver is calling xf86PostButtonEvent and at this point only button 1 is called. So this gets screwed somewhere else (somehow an other button push event gets created), just like the screen coordinates.

I know absolutely nothing from XF86 programming so if anyone has any ideas, please help me!

Thank you!