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    [SOLVED] 3 different distros do not recognize either of my ethernet cards

    I got an old NEC Ready-series computer with aftermarket ISA ethernet card for use as a Samba/CUPS server. The original win95 installation and a puppylinux CD did not recognize the card, and neither did a Debian net install CD nor an Ubuntu Server CD. I ordered a PCI NIC that claims to support Linux right on the box and that doesn't get seen either. However, the PCI winmodem is seen, and the AGP Voodoo 3DFX works fine.

    I have attached a plaintext file with every piece of debugging info I can think of (the contents of /sys/devices/pci0000:00, the contents of /dev, dmesg, uname -a, and lspci -vvvnn.)

    I have no idea what's going on, I tried the PCI NIC in another rig and it works just fine, Ubuntu detects it without a problem. I don't have another computer with an ISA port. Google doesn't turn up anything. The driver that came with the NIC doesn't help.

    Does anyone have any idea what's going on and how I can fix it?

    ISA card is a D-link DE-220P. The PCI card is a StarTech ST100SW. At this point, if I could get either of them working, that would be excellent.

    EDIT: How can a Linux forum not allow .gz attachments?
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    looks to me like a hardware problem: you have 8
    devices (lspci) but no network controllers: so the
    card is either not installed, or not recognized as
    being on the bus. If the computer is a PC
    (i.e. non-laptop) perhaps you could try another
    slot, or clean some contacts.
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    Acting on this advice, I checked to make sure that the NIC was installed firmly in its slot (it was.) Then I realized that the 56k WinModem was recognized, but I didn't need it. I removed the WinModem and moved the NIC to that slot instead, and now it works!

    I hate it when a solution is "too obvious." Thanks for making me try it anyway!

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