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    PSU fried out the Motherboard ?

    My computer was working fine and then suddenly last night it started behaving in some weird ways:

    • First, one partition of my SATA HDD developed bad sectors.
    • Then, my 2nd IDE HDD started taking looooong times to boot. Usually it takes around 20-30 seconds to boot but now it takes 12-13 minutes.
    • After some time, it stopped recognizing my both DVD drives. There are no /dev/cdrom or /dev/dvd or /dev/hdc links coming up.
    • Now, pushing the power button of my cabinet does not turn off the computer. Well, sometimes it does, sometimes it does not.
    • Even after 13 min of booting time, it does not work fine, I keep on getting some weird messages I can not comprehend.

    I suspect I have a poor power supply which fried out the MOBO. This was the new power supply I got 4 days ago. So I have removed the newer PSU and using my older one. When I get boot-up messages, except of taking 7 min just to show the grub menu, it takes too long to go next after these messages:

    1.) ide-cd
    2.) Ethernet Card

    Power Button seems to be working fine with this old PSU. when I am logged in, I usually get this message after every 5 or so minutes showing up on the tty I am logged in:

    • /dev/hdc Lost Interrupt 0x000000 .....

    what can you deduce from all this ?

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    Hello and welcome to the foums.
    I can deduce one thing for sure: Do your data backups and/or plan for disaster. It could be a number of things but it's hard for us to guess, if you think the MOBO is going bad, you might be able to see some "swollen capacitors" on the MOBO, this is a good sign that your need a new one, Have you tried fsck'ing the hard drives?
    It sounds like you are in for a major overhaul.
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