Hi, have built software to read from joystick port but I am confused about the need to set up this game port. What I've read talks about using game pad/joysticks on this port. Here the approach requires selected modules be compiled for the kernel (that was done), and specific modules like joystick be modprobed in and that /dev/js0, js1, etc be built. With the later are not automatically built (not expected) but there seems to be a difference in that it may need to use /dev/input/jxxxx. Also modules joydev, emu10k1, emu10k1-gp, and analog do not exist. Are there alternatives that match this kernel?
The status of the joystick documentation does not correspond with this kernel/version.
So, can someone clarify some of the above and tell me if I need to do all of this if all I want to do is capture the byte at hex 0201? This will provide the same thing as button pushes and potentiometer values so it seems logical.