Hi all,

Looks like I have been hit by another of these pci setup issues. My Setup is as follows:

[MPC8614D]--[PCI Express]--[PCIe to PCI bridge]--[NEC USB Host controller card]-->[USB Pen Drive]

The same USB card and drivers are working on another board, where the bus is PCI. I tried to debug the USB driver, and it seems to be booting up fine. Even the interrupt handling seems proper. So I come down to the grey area, that is PCIe.

The USB host controllers seem to initialize fine and are detected by the PCI utilities. However when I connect a USB device, then it fails @ set addree or get descriptor, whichever transaction is first.

So I had a few questions:
1. The processor CCSRBAR map has a PCI Express entry. Am I required to make another entry into the LAWBAR registers for PCI express?

2. Does the PCIe to PCI bridge need to be configured for the inbound/ outbound windows or read/write routines...anything in particular?

3. How do I verify that the PCIe inbound/outbound windows are mapped correctly? Any other setting which needs to be done in this case?

Any pointers in this regard will be highly appreciated.