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    It8212 RAID chipset


    I'm using RAID0 config on ITE8212 controller with two Seagate barracuda 40 GB 7200rpm hard drives.. I've been using rh9.0 for sometime now and want to upgrade to FC1 But I don't have drivers for the same. So I downloaded driver source from manufacturers website

    Can someone plz help me in compiling the source and put them onto a floppy in correct format to use it as driver floppy from which I can load drivers in expert mode installation.

    I already have FC1 installed (in everything mode, hence with source) on a friends pc.

    When I compile the driver, I'm getting iteraid.o. but on the floppy I should have following files. taken from binaries for redhat 9.0

    • iteraid.o

      when it is unpacked I get
      # gzip -dc modules.cgz | cpio -idumv
      318 blocks
      Version 0
      	"ITE IT8212 ATA-RAID Controller"
      iteraid: scsi_mod
      0x0e11	0xae10	"cpqarray"	"Compaq|Smart-2/P RAID Controller"
      0x0e11	0xae32	"tlan"	"Compaq|Netelligent 10/100"
      0x0e11	0xae34	"tlan"	"Compaq|Netelligent 10"
      0x0e11	0xae35	"tlan"	"Compaq|Integrated NetFlex-3/P"
      0x0e11	0xae40	"tlan"	"Compaq|Netelligent 10/100 Dual"
      0x0e11	0xae43	"tlan"	"Compaq|ProLiant Integrated Netelligent 10/100"
      0x0e11	0xb011	"tlan"	"Compaq|Integrated Netelligent 10/100"
      0x0e11	0xb012	"tlan"	"Compaq|Netelligent 10 T/2"
      0x0e11	0xb030	"tlan"	"Compaq|Netelligent WS 5100"
      0x0e11	0xb060	"cciss"	"Compaq|Smart Array 5300 Controller"
      0x0e11	0xb178	"cciss"	"Compaq|Smart Array 5i/532"
      0x0e11	0xf130	"tlan"	"Compaq|NetFlex-3/P ThunderLAN 1.0"
      0x0e11	0xf150	"tlan"	"Compaq|NetFlex-3/P ThunderLAN 2.3"
      0x1000	0x0010	"cpqarray"	"Compaq|Integrated Array Controller"
      0x1000	0x0701	"yellowfin"	"Symbios|83C885"
      0x1000	0x0702	"yellowfin"	"Symbios|Yellowfin G-NIC gigabit ethernet"
      0x100b	0x0020	"natsemi"	"National Semi|DP83810 10/100 Ethernet"
      0x1011	0x001a	"acenic"	"Farallon|PN9000SX"
      0x1011	0x0046	"cpqarray"	"DEC|DECchip 21554"
      0x1011	0x0046	0x9005	0x1364	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge RAID Controller 2"
      0x1011	0x0046	0x9005	0x1365	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge RAID Controller 2"
      0x1011	0x0046	0x103c	0x10c2	"aacraid"	"HP|NetRAID-4M"
      0x1013	0x6001	0x1014	0x1010	"unknown"	"Cirrus Logic|CS 4614/22/24 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator]"
      0x1014	0x002e	"ips"	"IBM|Netfinity ServeRAID controller"
      0x1014	0x003e	"olympic"	"IBM|16/4 Token ring UTP/STP controller"
      0x1014	0x01bd	"ips"	"IBM|Netfinity ServeRAID controller"
      0x1022	0x2020	"tmscsim"	"Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]|53c974 [PCscsi]"
      0x1028	0x0001	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 2/Si"
      0x1028	0x0002	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Di"
      0x1028	0x0003	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Si"
      0x1028	0x0004	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Si"
      0x1028	0x000a	"aacraid"	"Dell Computer Corporation|PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller 3/Si"
      0x1036	0x0000	"fdomain"	"Future Domain|TMC-18C30 [36C70]"
      0x1044	0xa400	"eata"	"Distributed Tech|SmartCache/Raid I-IV Controller"
      0x1050	0x0840	"winbond-840"	"Winbond Electronics Corp|W89C840"
      0x1069	0x0002	"DAC960"	"Mylex Corporation|DAC960PD"
      0x1069	0x0010	"DAC960"	"Mylex Corporation|DAC960PX"
      0x1069	0x0050	"DAC960"	"Mylex Corporation|AcceleRAID 352/170/160 support Device"
      0x1069	0xba55	"DAC960"	"Mylex Corporation|eXtremeRAID 1100 support Device"
      0x1069	0xba56	"DAC960"	"Mylex Corporation|eXtremeRAID 2000/3000 support Device"
      0x1077	0x1016	"qla1280"	"Q Logic|QLA10160"
      0x1077	0x1020	"qlogicisp"	"Q Logic|ISP1020"
      0x1077	0x1080	"qla1280"	"Q Logic|QLA1080"
      0x1077	0x1216	"qla1280"	"Q Logic|QLA12160"
      0x1077	0x1216	0x101e	0x8471	"ignore"	"Q Logic|QLA12160 on AMI MegaRAID"
      0x1077	0x1216	0x101e	0x8493	"ignore"	"Q Logic|QLA12160 on AMI MegaRAID"
      0x1077	0x1240	"qla1280"	"Q Logic|QLA1240"
      0x1077	0x1280	"qla1280"	"Q Logic|QLA1280"
      0x1077	0x2100	"qla2x00"	"Q Logic|QLA2100"
      0x1077	0x2200	"qla2x00"	"Q Logic|QLA2200"
      0x108d	0x0012	"tlan"	"Olicom|OC-2325"
      0x108d	0x0013	"tlan"	"Olicom|OC-2183/2185"
      0x108d	0x0014	"tlan"	"Olicom|OC-2326"
      0x108e	0x1001	"sunhme"	"Sun|Happy Meal"
      0x10a9	0x0009	"acenic"	"Silicon Graphics, Inc.|Alteon Gigabit Ethernet"
      0x10b7	0x0001	"acenic"	"3Com Corporation|3c985 1000BaseSX"
      0x10b8	0x0005	"epic100"	"Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|83C170QF"
      0x10b8	0x0006	"epic100"	"Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|LANEPIC"
      0x10cd	0x1200	"advansys"	"Advanced System Products|ASC1200 [(abp940) Fast SCSI-II]"
      0x10cd	0x1300	"advansys"	"Advanced System Products|ABP940-U / ABP960-U"
      0x10cd	0x2300	"advansys"	"Advanced System Products|ABP940-UW"
      0x10cd	0x2500	"advansys"	"Advanced System Products|ABP940-U2W"
      0x10ec	0x8129	"8139too"	"Realtek|RTL-8129"
      0x10ec	0x8139	"8139too"	"Realtek|RTL-8139"
      0x1101	0x9100	"initio"	"Initio Corporation|INI-9100/9100W"
      0x1101	0x9400	"initio"	"Initio Corporation|INI-940"
      0x1101	0x9401	"initio"	"Initio Corporation|INI-950"
      0x1101	0x9500	"initio"	"Initio Corporation|360P"
      0x1106	0x3043	"via-rhine"	"VIA Technologies|VT86C100A [Rhine 10/100]"
      0x1106	0x6100	"via-rhine"	"VIA Technologies|VT85C100A [Rhine II]"
      0x1113	0x1211	"8139too"	"Accton|SMC2-1211TX"
      0x1119	0x0000	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6000/6020/6050"
      0x1119	0x0001	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6000B/6010"
      0x1119	0x0002	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6110/6510"
      0x1119	0x0003	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6120/6520"
      0x1119	0x0004	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6530"
      0x1119	0x0005	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6550"
      0x1119	0x0006	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x17"
      0x1119	0x0007	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x27"
      0x1119	0x0008	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6537"
      0x1119	0x0009	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 5557"
      0x1119	0x000a	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x15"
      0x1119	0x000b	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x25"
      0x1119	0x000c	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6535"
      0x1119	0x000d	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6555"
      0x1119	0x0100	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6117RP/6517RP"
      0x1119	0x0101	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6127RP/6527RP"
      0x1119	0x0102	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6537RP"
      0x1119	0x0103	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6557RP"
      0x1119	0x0104	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6111RP/6511RP"
      0x1119	0x0105	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6121RP/6521RP"
      0x1119	0x0110	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6117RP1/6517RP1"
      0x1119	0x0111	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6127RP1/6527RP1"
      0x1119	0x0112	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6537RP1"
      0x1119	0x0113	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6557RP1"
      0x1119	0x0114	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6111RP1/6511RP1"
      0x1119	0x0115	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6121RP1/6521RP1"
      0x1119	0x0118	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x18RD"
      0x1119	0x0119	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x28RD"
      0x1119	0x011a	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x38RD"
      0x1119	0x011b	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x58RD"
      0x1119	0x0168	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 7x18RN"
      0x1119	0x0169	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 7x28RN"
      0x1119	0x016a	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 7x38RN"
      0x1119	0x016b	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 7x58RN"
      0x1119	0x0210	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x19RD"
      0x1119	0x0211	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 6x29RD"
      0x1119	0x0260	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 7x19RN"
      0x1119	0x0261	"gdth"	"ICP Raid Controller|GDT 7x29RN"
      0x1148	0x4300	"sk98lin"	"Syskonnect (Schneider & Koch)|Gigabit Ethernet"
      0x114f	0x0003	"dgrs"	"Digi International|RightSwitch SE-6"
      0x1191	0x8002	"atp870u"	"Artop Electronic Corp|AEC6710 SCSI-2 Host Adapter"
      0x1191	0x8010	"atp870u"	"Artop Electronic Corp|AEC6712UW SCSI"
      0x1191	0x8020	"atp870u"	"Artop Electronic Corp|AEC6712U SCSI"
      0x1191	0x8030	"atp870u"	"Artop Electronic Corp|AEC6712S SCSI"
      0x1191	0x8040	"atp870u"	"Artop Electronic Corp|AEC6712D SCSI"
      0x1191	0x8050	"atp870u"	"Artop Electronic Corp|AEC6712SUW SCSI"
      0x1256	0x4201	"pci2220i"	"Perceptive Solutions, Inc.|PCI-2220I"
      0x1256	0x4401	"pci2220i"	"Perceptive Solutions, Inc.|PCI-2240I"
      0x1256	0x5201	"pci2000"	"Perceptive Solutions, Inc.|PCI-2000"
      0x1282	0x9102	"dmfe"		"Davicom Semiconductor, Inc.|Ethernet 100/10 MBit"
      0x12ae	0x0001	"acenic"	"Alteon Networks Inc.|AceNIC Gigabit Ethernet (Fibre)"
      0x12ae	0x0002	"acenic"	"Alteon Networks Inc.|AceNIC Gigabit Ethernet (Copper)"
      0x1385	0x620a	"acenic"	"Netgear|GA620"
      0x13c1	0x1000	"3w-xxxx"	"3ware Inc|3ware ATA-RAID"
      0x1400	0x1401	"epic100"	"Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC]|9432 TX"
      0x14e4	0x1644	"bcm5700"	"BROADCOM Corporation|BCM5700 1000BaseTX"
      0x1d44	0xa400	"eata"	"DPT|PM2x24/PM3224"
      0x8086	0x1000	"e1000"	"Intel Corporation|82542 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter"
      0x8086	0x1001	"e1000"	"Intel Corporation|82543 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter"
      0x8086	0x1132	"Card:Intel 815"	"Intel Corporation|82815 CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]"
      0x105a	0x4d38	"FastTrak"		"Promise|FastTrak 66 "
      0x105a	0x0d30	"FastTrak"		"Promise|FastTrak 100"
      0x105a	0x4d30	"FastTrak"		"Promise|FastTrak 100"
      0x105a	0x6268	"FastTrak"		"Promise|FastTrak 100 TX2"
      0x105a	0x6269	"FastTrak"		"Promise|FastTrak TX2000"
      0x105a	0x5275	"FastTrak"		"Promise|MBFastTrak 133 Lite"
      0x105a	0x7275	"FastTrak"		"Promise|SBFastTrak 133 Lite"
      0x1283	0x8212	"iteraid"		"ITE|RAIDExpress 133"
      0x8086	0x7121	"Card:Intel 810"	"Intel Corporation|82810 CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]"
      0x8086	0x7123	"Card:Intel 810"	"Intel Corporation|82810-DC100 CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]"
      0x8086	0x7125	"Card:Intel 810"	"Intel Corporation|82810E CGC [Chipset Graphics Controller]"
      Supplemental Drivers

    now what I want to know is how to create these files other than iteraid.o. It appears as if I can just copy the modules.dep and modinfo.
    I don't know how to create pcitable and weather I have to rename rhdd-6.1 to anything.
    Most importantly I don't know how to pack the modules.cgz I only know how to extract it. I don't even know how to create different versions of iteraid.o to put in. All I have is only one iteraid.o that I obtained on compiling source using
    Do I need any other changes inorder to use the floppy for installing drivers on fc2 expert mode installation?

    someone please help me.

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    TMaYaD, hi.

    I don't have solution for your problem, i am facing the same problem on my own. Did you manage to get over the issue? If so, what did you do?

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    works in FC3 as ata controller, maybe also raid

    I have a IT8212 chip on my mobo. (Giga-byte GA-8knxp)

    A few days ago, I had to copy some hardisks to my own harddisk.

    Since IDE0 (2x hdd) and IDE1 (cdrom DVD-rw) were full, I tried it on IDE3 and IDE4 (the IT8212)
    In the BIOS I configured it as ATA, not raid because they weren't configured as raid.

    The drives were recognised by Fedora core 3 as hde and hdf.
    I think that using them as raid should also be possible.

    please let me know if you have success with it.

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