Hi, I have two broken laptops and I would like to avoid buying a new one.
1) Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo V5535 . After two weeks if fell from my bag while I was biking. After changing the screen it was ok. then it started to boot bad, reboot abruptly, freeze. Now if I press on the start button with battery or with the power supply a led goes on, and after 2 secs it goes off. No sound, no leds on when the power supply is on. What can I do?

2) Toshiba SA60 : I had squash problems when I used to try to install ubuntu. I add the acpi=off option and it goes on with the installation. Some people say that if I have to use that option it means that my memory modules are not ok. How to check it? Anyway the installation goes on till the 5%, then it halts. Windows CD says that it cannot recognise the partition. I would go for a new Hard Disk, but how can I check whether the memory modules are ok? with memtest86+, precisely at "test 4 Moving inversions, random patterns",pass ~22%, test ~62% no errors detected, the computer goes off. maybe it stops when it comes to the analysis of the HD?