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    Question AMD Phenom II X4 940/920/910

    Have anyone tried Linux on AMD Phenom II X4 940/920/910 Processors?
    Or Intel Core i7 Processor.

    I'm planning to buy a new Processor+Motherboard as I always had good experience and performance with AMD. (and its cheaper )

    I wanted to know that is this processor family is stable? and anyone had issue with them while using linux?

    A Linux Novice.

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    Phenom for cheap upgraders. Core i7 for the blast

    I have worked a little bit with both systems.

    The funny thing about intel vs amd is that it is different in linux than in windows. Go to tomshardware, they have cpu charts with some linux tests. There you see that for the price/performance, AMD really kicks butt. Intel kicks butt on those charts outside of linux.

    Both have good stability as long as you get the right board. If you use a binary distro like ubuntu or fedora then you aren't going to have any problems. If you use a source distro such as gentoo, you can push newer chips a little bit farther. When I have done that, I seen noticeable speed increases but things become very buggy and are not worth it.

    Back to the original question. The mobo is more important for linux support than the CPU.

    My experience with the phenom II is on the 700 series mobo. Just a quite guide.

    740 - entry,
    770 - best northbridge with single PCIE slot,
    780 - integrated graphics,
    790GX supercharged integrated,
    790FX best northbridge with 2 to 4 PCIE slots.

    SB600: stable, but old and slow USB support,
    SB700: new and fast, poor support with older kernels,
    SB750: same as the 700 with an advanced system that really lowers the idle power rate.

    Ubuntu and gentoo sees everything and it works well. Gentoo compiling everything is hardly an issue with this box.

    The mobo is actually a good selling point for the phenom II. The socket, AM2+ will support new cpu's for at least two years. AMD uses the same socket across the line and upgrading is easy. Further, you can match a mobo to the system you are building. If you aren't a big gamer, a 780G is a good board that handles any everyday graphics and media. If you want a discrete graphics card , but not a hardcore gamer, 770/SB700 has the best bridges but is cheap because it doesn't come with all the support for crossfire, sli, and expensive graphics requirements. If you want crossfire, the 790GX and 790FX have that support for more cost.

    I use a 770+SB700. I am not a gamer, but have a radeon 4850 for simulation code.

    Lastly the Phenom II has the price per performance advantage for linux. If you have a budget of less than $1200, Phenom II is the obvious choice.

    The only experience with the Core i7 is the X58. This board and CPU combo is AMAZING. There is nothing faster and it is a whole other level than the Core 2 or Phenom II. Ubuntu works great with the system. I haven't tried gentoo. The mobo supports just about anything. It is simply the best system you can get.

    It also costs a lot. You have one choice in a motherboard. The memory costs a lot for the performance increase it gives. Another issue is sockets. The Core 2 is LGA 775. The Core i7 goes with LGA 1366. The Core i5 will have two of its own: LGA 1155 and 1156. The Xeon i7 will have LGA 1566. Its something I have started calling socket classes. If you pay to be in the upper class, you will have to pay to stay there in an upgrade.

    If your budget is $1500+, go with the Core i7. You can't buy good enough drives and other hardware to make a PHII perform like the i7 does.

    Inbetween $1200 and $1500, you have to make the choice on what best fits your needs. If you are an upgrader, go with AMD. If you want something that will be fast for the next 5 years and not deal with hardware, go Core i7.

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    Im going with the AMD anyways, cause of good price. though Core i7 have more L3 cache.
    however Intel gave me lots of trouble in the its fine to choose AMD
    as Im a gamer.
    I use a lite BLFS system optimized for performance, graphics and low stand by uses.

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