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    Quote Originally Posted by reed9 View Post
    You might be able to get slitaz running. SliTaz GNU/Linux - Home page
    i know its been a while but ive been trying lots of operating systems lol including windows 2000 which i downloaded but silitaz nor any other operating system is working and gets on the internet with a gui yet! so im still open to suggestions, i rather not list how many i tried so far lol

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    possible answer

    the pc needs an os made around its years of being made which is around 90's and i am looking for the earlier version of debian that will run on the i586 cpu, any help finding it would be appreciated

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    Most distros are compiled to run on the i586 architecture. As far as I know, Arch Linux is one of the few optimized for only i686. Slackware is compiled for i486, that might work for you.

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    Have you tried Damn Small?


    Just an after thought... Actually, there are quite a few distros that are compiled on the i386 platform, such as Fedora and Ubuntu. These are to heavy to run on your laptop mainly because of your limited RAM. If you could up the memory to around 64, or even 128, you shouldn't have to many issues after that.
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    i got basic linux on it right now but still cant get gui to work lol and no internet etheir

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    well i have BasicLinux on it but can't startx or icewm it says errno 111 can't connect blah blah blah any help plz, bcuz now i just gotta start any gui at all then ill juss get internet workin and download all the apps i need so yea plz help asap

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