I have opensuse11 and gnome

Box has a sata traymount for harddrive connected to the internal sata bus - ie open the door on the front of the drive and swap drives.

Also, various internal drives in raid and one internal boot/os drive (not raid)

Box is mainly for network backup and file serving

This is what I was hoping to achieve ....

- use raid drives are for file serving, backup and temporary file storage. This is fine and all setup and working.

- use the sata tray drive to use various hard drives for archive and backup rotation ie copy data from the raid to a drive in the tray, remove the drive and store

But .... the plans of mice and men ...

Box is on - pop a drive in the tray - nothing - not in yast - doesn't just popup like a usb drive would - how do i get this to occur?

OK so maybe it should be formatted first - do that - now the box won't boot unless the drive is in the tray.

I want this box to operate just as if the drive were say a usb drive or a CD/DVD drive.

Please, please, please help me to make this happen.