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    Any other tool like PHC for changing CPU Clock/Voltage?

    I am ready to switch to linux if I have one more software. I have everything sorted out with Linux; the distro and even have a list of linux alternatives for all but one software that I use with Windows: something that I can control the processor and MB freq and voltages.

    I know there is cpufreq but that won't do. Because it will not let me change the frequency other than 950MHz/1.9GHz nor change the voltage.

    I am using a compaq cq60-101au which has an AMD Athlon X2 (QL-60 1.9GHz codename:Puma) and a nVidia 8200 MB (Winstron).

    The reason I want to change the freq and voltage is for battery life. I can easily double by lowering the voltage and freq to 0.075V and 617MHz in windows.

    I can't seem to find something for linux. PHC works only with Intel CPU. I've been searching for a few weeks but can't seem to find anything compatible. I don't need any fancy graphics. Even a commandline application with args passed in hex will do. Anything absolutely anything you can tell me will do. Once I switch to linux I am not going back to windows, unless I find something like this I am not switching to linux. Besides, linux has a reputation of getting things done - any idea on how to get this done?

    I am a newbie at linux and I haven't yet installed it on my main computer. But I am willing to spend time to get this working no matter how complicated but I don't know how.

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    Sorry to see no replies in little over a yr
    Still stuck with the same install of WinXP. In the past year i tried a lot to find some easy way of changing my cpu speed but couldn't find any. What I did find is a tool for windows again that lets me underclock by half to 308MHz/core and it works very well I can watch 720p x264 encoded video without any issues (hw acccelerated). Would like to do something similar with linux.

    The PHC tool still only support till family 15 I need something that supports family 17 (griffin) processor model QL-60 (AMD Athlon X2 1.95GHz)

    If anyone has any updates pls let me know as soon as possible so that I can use linux on this one.

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