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    cleaning the closet (xt, 386, 486)


    I' m wondering if I should keep those old computers. For the xt my mind is pretty much set (no hd, cga monitor) so it will go.

    I did use this 386 from about 1995 to 2001 with rh (5.? if I remember right) as a router with ip masquerade (sp?) It was also a small web server and mail server. I thing the memory is 1 or 2 meg. The 486 has about the same speck, maybe 4 meg of memory max. The system was working very well for more than 5 years.

    I just checked the requirement for centos and for sure it won't work. Even the small linux require much more. For a workstation, I can understand why as much system is required, but for a server without graphics? I remember that it used to be linux on a floppy (and a 720k floppy!)

    So the options I think I have for those old systems is to use an old version of linux, maybe my rh5.? . But I would think those are no longueur maintained? So is this a security risk?

    If/when I use this again, it would be as a router/print server and maybe as a fax server, so I can use this old isa modem I have.

    Thanks for any hints.

    Francois in montreal

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    I have had pretty good luck with older computers and laptops when I used Vector Linux. I have used the Standard 5.9 They have a new one now... 6.

    I would try that one first and if that works but you want to try something lighter they have a Vector light version. Vector has a great forum too so it you run into trouble or have questions on what to do after you get it going they are quick to answer questions.

    also, Vector is based on Slackware and you should be able to find all that you need to do print, file server and I would be surprised if you had trouble finding what you need for the router.

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