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    need help with hdd failure

    Hi everyone,

    Having a major problem with a hard drive failure. My set is as follows:

    2 x Intel P4 Xeon 2.6
    4 gig Samsung ecc ddr 266
    Intel 82546EB gigabit NIC (on board)
    2 x 500 gig ide in raid 0 on a 3ware 7410-4 controller
    1 x 500 gig sata
    CentOS 5.2

    I originally set up the hard drives as a JBOD. The SATA drive has failed. When I try to boot, CentOS starts a file system check and the fails. Running fsck does nothing.

    Is there any way to rebuild the data on another drive to recover the data on the original drive I have space on the ?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Boot with a liveCD or recovery disc (I always keep one handy). First off, the RAID ide discs should be OK, if as you say the sata drive failed. Is the sata drive the boot drive?

    Anyway, after booting the recovery disc, login as root, run fsck on all of your discs (unmounted). If you are running with ext2 or ext3 file systems, use e2fsck since you can ask it to map out the bad blocks on the failing sata drive (see the e2fsck man page for details). Then, you might be able to recover your data to one of the RAID drives. So, after running fsck/e2fsck on the drives, create a mount point for each of them, mount them manually to the appropriate mount point, and try to copy your data. Finally, you should be able to shut down the system, remove the sata drive, and reboot the OS.

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