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    Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit (SB0410)???

    Has anyone heard anything about this card and linux?

    I have a Dell system (Dimension 4550) and had one of the proprietary Dell SBLive! 5.1 cards. Although supposedly ALSA 1.05 and later will work with that card, I never could get it running. I installed 1.05 then 1.06 and never could get the thing working. I've been lurking thsi and other linux forums trying to find an answer to no avail. Lots of references to the problem, buit no HOW-TO anywhere.

    So last night I figured I'd go and get a new card, right? Granted, I'm on a tight budget, but OK.

    I look around and the least expensive, decent looking card is this thing called "Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit". I figure this is just the latest rendition of the product line.

    Get home, plug in the card, get it running under XP (after a little confusion, the default setting was for digital only output). Try booting under Linux - no sound card found (verbose boot, then with mandrakes hardware util). Thinking maybe I had messed something up while trying to get the Dell card to work (and having only recently installed the distro), I killed the Linux partitions and did a fresh install. Still no card.

    I seem to have swapped one problem sound card for another, newer problem sound card.

    Query - has anyone know anything about this card? Is there a way to get it running or shoudl I return it to the shop? Does anyone know how to get the darn Dell SBLive card to work instead?

    I'm fairly new to Linux, but I'm picking it up quickly trying to fix this

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    By the way, with the dell card, the mixer generated errors so it wasn;t just that the sound was muted. I tried all of the suggestions that I found online and all that.

    The 24-bit card seems to be a stripped down version of the audigy line and doesn't appear ot be an EMU10k1 card, but since Mandrake doesn't recognize the product I don't know if I can just use another driver. Is there a way to insert the product information somewhere if I can find the technical specs for it? There doesn't seem to be much information on the card online. It's apparently just been released in the past couple of months.

    I don't do a lot of mutlimedia or gaming, just listening to music while I'm working and it would be nice to have system sounds so I'd rather not drop a lot of cash on another card if at all possible. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the linux as opposed to XP.

    Please help me abandon Windoze!

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