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    Nvidia 180.51 linux driver not working with 9800GT

    Well, the drivers for my new 9800GT seem to be buggy. Not only does video out not work under any configuration, sometimes when I switch to a virtual terminal, it won't send signal to the screen any longer, so I have to restart the system. When I hit ctrl+alt+del to do so, I'm presented with a bunch of visual artifacts instead of the terminal.

    I'm confident that this is not a hardware issue, or an issue with my system's configuration. The hardware side of the s-video out works fine, as I tested it by booting the computer with only it connected, and it displayed on the television just fine. As for my configuration, I've used this configuration with my 7950 GT and it worked flawlessly.

    I'm wondering if perhaps I'm running a kernel that is too recent. I'm on the 2.6.29 build of it, but the drivers have been working for the 7950 before this just fine, so I'm not sure why that would matter. I can no longer install any version of the driver under 180 due to a gcc version conflict, so I can't check if any of the older series drivers are better.

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    I (and many others) have found that nVidia drivers after 177.82 are buggy, and they haven't sorted them out out. These problems, with visual artifacts, have been reported, repeatedly... . Anyway, I am running 177.82 on an 8800GT without problems. Have you tried that one? You should be able to get it from the nVidia web site.

    Ah! I just noticed that you cannot install drivers before 180.xx due to gcc issues. That doesn't seem reasonable to me. Have you tried the 177.82 version?
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