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    Seemingly Dead PC

    This category seems to best fit my problem. I am not having a linux related issue at the moment. I really do not know what this issue actually is. The PC is a Gateway Model# W340UA. I was letting a roomie use this machine when one day, it just seems to stop working. It did fire up maybe 3 times after this fateful day but now, it seems to be dead. When I asked he said it had not been dropped nothing had been spilled on it and from the looks of it, this seems to be the case. When powered on or attempting to power the machine on, the only thing that flashes is the light for the CD/DVD drive. The monitor does not flicker to life or anything of that nature. The machine does not however turn back off. The power seems to stay on. The HDD light never flickers indicating that it does not seem to get that far. I do not know if it even get as far as the BIOS. Part of me thinks that it may just be the monitor however with the HDD light not even flickering this leads me to believe it is a different problem. I do not even have a clue as where to start with this thing. Does anyone have any suggestions as where to start or any experience with this model maybe doing this to them as well? I would like to get this machine going again as it would make a decent slack box =)

    I am starting to think that I may just have to use it as a door stop or possibly a boat anchor.

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    From the symptoms you describe, I would say it's time to find a nice deep lake for this boat anchor that you speak of. I would suggest you try any LiveCD just to see if anything happens. If it was just the HD, you'd at least get an error message or something. The fact that the monitor does nothing is what leads me to think it might be toasted. Have you tied any BIOS keys, like press the Delete or F1 to enter the BIOS?
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    I have a similar issue with one computer... happened after a power surge threw a circuit breaker. While I haven't gotten around to tinkering with it yet, I suspect the power supply is the culprit. I'll try to get around to it this weekend, and I'll post back with any findings. So don't sink it just yet

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    Yeah, tried a live distro, tried bios keys, doesnt get as far as the bios, the power remains on but I dont even get system beeps =/

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    It's either the CPU or the motherboard, I've seen this happen a couple of times and that's what it was... however open it up and check there isn't a power cable that's come off the motherboard, that can sometimes cause the same symptoms, otherwise it probably copped a power spike and the mobo has blown.

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    If you never see anything on the screen, then it could be the LCD backlight bulb has burned out. If you shine a flashlight on the screen, can you make anything out?

    It also could be the backlight inverter (power supply) has burned out. This would result in no image, even when viewed with a flashlight. (Edit: This is wrong! You would see a faint image if the inverter is fried.)

    Both are repairable, with the backlight bulb being the cheapest. You can have the inverter repaired, or purchase a replacement.

    Does the laptop have a port for an external monitor? This would be a good method to test if it is the LCD screen that is bad.
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    Is it possible to try a different monitor on this computer?

    One time my computer done this and the problem was i needed to take the ram out and put it back in, even though I had not touched it!

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