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    [SOLVED] updating bios on Acer Aspire One

    ok.... this is probly not the best place to ask... but im asking everywhere else too....
    basically, i have Opensuse 11.1 installed on my Acer Aspire Netbook... my netbook like many others has a fault where the battery stops charging after a while... fortunately it is not a hardware fault.... the fix is to update the bios with a patch from Acer....

    problem is... its an .exe file...
    i have read about a work around... and that is to install FreeDos on a usb stick... put the patch on the usb stick, and execute it through freedos.... So far i have managed to boot into freedos, access the bios folder.... but i can't execute the patch. The patch is named InsydeFlash.exe... everytime i try and execute it i get a bad command etc.... i read to execute you just type in the name.. but i tried everything... InsydeFlash.... InsydeFlash.exe ...... run InsydeFlash.exe.......... i've tried renaming it to a .bat file and executing that..... still get a bad command entered error........

    anybody know where im going wrong?

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    I think you downloaded winflash which is a program to flash the BIOS from within windows. This is not what you want.

    You can download the BIOS from here.

    And here are instructions to update it.

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    Finally got it fixed! I chose to ignore the stupid patch Acer sent me which contained .exe's etc.... and downloaded the latest bios update for my model from their website and installed it via via Freedos Live usb stick thanx to UnetBootin and typed in the name of the bat file which was simply.... 3309 and it flashed my bios and fixed my battery charge problem. wooohoooooo. hope this helps somebody else too

    im happy now

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