I was wondering if you could help me with a problem.
my project involves image processing on ARM architecture embedded device. I use openCV and intel webcam , who's ID is 0813:0002. There is a driver installed on the device, its ov511 version 1.64, that supposed to work with this camera. And indeed, when I plug the cam (via usb), the device recognizes it. What I try to run is a simple application, that should return the frame pointer every time i strike some key. I commented the original part of creating window, show image etc, since on my board there's no graphic support. The program works fine on a PC, however, the same program (of course compiled for arm) doesn't read camera from the board giving the following output:

HIGHGUI ERROR: V4L: device /dev/video0: Unable to query number of channels

This is after i created links /dev/video0 and /dev/video to /dev/v4l/video0

I really hope that you could help me,


p.s. if you think that i should post in another subject.. i would liketo know which will be the most suitable