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    Question Compaq ProLiant DL300 (Generation I) SmartStart

    Hello all.

    I have a bit of a problem here.
    I do have a SmartStart 5.5. CDROM which came with this old server box.
    (It is one of the oldest of Compaq's ProLiant line called DL300 - Not the G2 model.)

    However, this box also have an array controller that needs to be set up in order to access the SCSI array of 4 x 18.2 GB HDD's.

    I wanted to set up FreeBSD on the box, (and a number of other linux distros) to play around with for a while, but unfortunately it seems the driver disks I have are corrupted.

    So now I am wondering, if anyone on LinuxForums have experience using Linux on a box like this, and possibly if someone could point me to where I can find the original SmartStart 5.5 and the Boot floppy for download.

    I have googled and gone through thousands of pages (not kidding) for well over three months now, and the drivers are not even available from HP/Compaq anymore.

    It's a waste and a shame if I cant use the machine because it's an otherwise great PIII 1GHZ/1GB RAM box more than sufficient to run Linux of just about any kind.

    (I ran VectorLinux and Knoppix Live CD on it before I lost the array controller and it also picks up on WinPE without a hitch but cant see the SCSI array anymore.)

    A foot note on this machine is that I altered the original hardware specs by installing a DVD-ROM replacing the original slimline CD-ROM and also added a 2 port USB adapter in one of the 32 bit PCI slots.

    I am not sure if the DVD is the reason to the CD not picking up on the SmartStart disk I have as the slimline CD-ROM was plugged to a special port on the motherboard, rather than going to a standard EIDE controller port.
    Any advice/help is appreciated.

    EDIT: - additional information ===================================

    with http before (since I cannot post url's here)

    :// riesId=327479

    Points to the correct software but the page download link to ftp is broken.

    with ftp before (since I cannot post url's here)


    points to the download path of the above page but the file is not existing.

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    A bump and reply to self so others wont have to go through this driver-h*** I did.

    The file described above, as SmartStart 5.50 is supposedly not available for download anymore from hp/Compaq in spite of being linked as downloadable from their web site.

    None of the other DL range servers have the link in their driver list either, although it has a support page for the other parts.

    In one forum thread on HP/Compaq it was stated;

    Sep 10, 2004 14:52:34 GMT Unassigned

    You can purchase SmartStart 5.50 from HP here:
    (add http before)

    for around US$25.00
    SmartStart 5.50 cannot be downloaded.
    Immediately following this it said...

    Hi Tony:

    You don't hae to purchase the smart start cd for that server; you can do manual install.

    The embedded ROC Raid Controller has RBSU or Orca; with F8 you can access the bios for that controller and create your logical drive.

    once the logical drive is created; you can then manually install Windows or any other o/s.

    Once the o/s is installed you can then Autorun the latest Smart start to install latest proliant support packs.

    Best regards,

    In the final message to this thread, a helpful soul had posted the following link, which I hope to prove being the solution for my long search...

    The file is supposedly located at

    (add ftp before link)


    FTP in to the folder instead as it also gives you a required fdd file and a readme text file.

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