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    Issue with mutiple NIC cards on reboot


    I use my remote Linux machine using VNC from my workPC.

    Recently one more NIC card was installed on that PC.
    But on reboot the IP address changes between two NIC's, and hence even ping fails.

    Hence i was forced to go to my remote PC to correctly assign the IP address to make it accessible.
    Please let me know any method to bind the IP address to particular NIC mac address.

    Thanks in advance


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    > bind IP-addr to particular NIC (MAC addr)

    try this with your router: my Linksyswrt54g running dd-wrt micro
    has this capability--not with Linksys firmware
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    Use a static IP address for the NIC you want to use for your home PC VNC access and set up the tunnel on your router to forward the VNC port(s) to that local IP address. Even between reboots, the device id (eth0 or eth1) should reference the same NIC. If that is changing, then you need to reconfigure the NIC's to use a specific device ID.
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    I've had the same problem. With one NIC, it's name was eth0. But when I added another NIC, the new NIC was eth0 and the old one was eth1.

    You can do all kinds of things to remedy this, but I just adjusted my config files and was done. Theoretically, I think, swapping the cables is even faster and less error prone.
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