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    Linux on a VIC-20?

    Allright, this is going to sound real crazy but I have to ask. I've got a freind who has an old VIC-20. Yeah. Old. So he said to me the other day something about betting I couldn't find some linux distro, even regardless of age, that could run on it. Well, I figure he is probably right on the mark, but I had to ask the forum. At the very least you get a good laugh. heh. Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks, Hawk.

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    hmmm, i thought that the 8086 was neaderthal technology, how much did you bet cos its been done!
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    VIC 20

    Youre the man! Thanks. Thats insane. I love Linux

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    yeah, I've heard that linux is capable of running in "extreme conditions". Not sure how true it is but I've heard or read somewhere that there are some linux based washing-machine (ie it uses a stripped and modified linux kernel and special written apps). Also, there's the Z80 CPU's which is present in some calculators (like mine TI83 Plus SE), and I think there's a linux based OS I could download an put on it, haven't tried it but it would be fun to do that some day
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