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    Need help with laptop (hardware)


    I have had a laptop for less than 2 years and the other day my screen was just black, after been closed during the night and I could not get the picture back so I rebooted, and now it is just permanently black. When I start it, not even the BIOS text comes up, nothing. I have tried to connect a screen via VGA but there is no signal.

    So, to all hardware geeks out there, what could be the problem? Is it worth the risk to open it up and mess around with the graphics card to see if it is loose or something. Any ideas at all of what could be wrong?

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    i ran into the same problem with a desktop with integrated graphics last week. Something in the graphics pipeline died=trash. If you have a separate video card, there is a chance that reseating it will fix it. If integrated chip, you need motherboard.
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    During the POST (Power-On Self Test), the system should emits some beeps to indicate error conditions. Is anything happening at all, like the disc light flashing, CD drive accessing, etc? If everything else seems to be working, but no beeps to indicate errors, then it is possible that simply the LCD backlight has failed. Depending upon the make/model, getting a new one might be feasible, though somewhat costly. Also, since if the scenario above is the case, then since the system thinks an LCD is installed and alive, it might not activate the external display unless you switch it on with the appropriate hot-key combination on the keyboard.
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    I have also ran into something like this on other peoples laptops and on 2 different cases

    1. Pulling the Battery and running just off the A/C adapter fixed it. Cause was a trashed Battery.

    2. Removing and Changing out the ram stick with a known good one fixed it. Cause was bad ram. You can try reseating your ram to check and see if it changes anything.

    I am not saying that this could be what is wrong with yours Shine a flashlight on the screen to see if you can see anything in bios. If you can read screen by flashlight (though if you used external moniter and still no screen. Then I doubt this will work) emmiter or backlight is out.

    Most new Laptops have Integrated Video Chip soldered to motherboard. Not much you can do with that. Without a bios screen you are between a rock and a hard place. So I would try those 2 things I tried 1st. It is easy to do and then you will know what is not the problem. Good Luck.
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