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    External Hard Drive Mounting at same path automatically

    I'm using Opensuse 10.3. Right now when I remove and reattach my external hard drive I have to remount it each time. Is there anyway that I can set it to do this automatically and have it mount at the same path each time? I'm using the drive as a backup drive and I am swapping it with another one to keep rotating backups that I can swap between on site and off site. I'd like them both to automatically mount at the same path when plugged in. Is this possible?



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    It's possible if you label them and add an entry for that label in /etc/fstab. I do that on my RHEL/CentOS system and it works just fine. I presume that you mean for it to mount to the same mount point, such as /mnt/usb-drv-1 or /media/my-usb-1 - something like that?

    Also, even if you don't put an entry in /etc/fstab, but label the drive, then it will still auto-mount to the same location as /media/label where "label" is the label you gave the drive.
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    Forget about fstab - if hal is setup correctly, it will automatically mount external and optical drives for you. I haven't used SuSE in a long time, but I'll tell you how I got it working on Gentoo:
    /etc/init.d/hald start
    and then set it to run at boot:
    rc-update add hald default

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    Unhappy Swapping still doesn't work

    Quote Originally Posted by kahlil88 View Post
    Forget about fstab - if hal is setup correctly
    What does hal do? I tried setting fstab to add the drives through label rather than device name but that doesn't seem to have worked.



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