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    S-ATA disables IRQ

    Hi !

    just one little question.
    i have an seagate s-ata-hd. when i check the temperature with

    hddtemp /dev/hde

    i get this message:


    what does this mean an why is this message comming?

    thx in advance
    greez robak
    make install not love

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    similar problem (IRQ 18, S-ATA) but it's more complex

    My motherboard is Asus P4C-800. This have a primay (master&slave) IDE, a secondary (master&slave) IDE, a third S-ATA and a fourth S-ATA connection (or what else? - sorry, for my bad english) in "Enhanced mode".
    In "Compatible mode" I can use one of the IDEs and the two S-ATAs or IDEs only under linux.
    Why? 'Cos I get IRQ 18 related errors all the time and my system slows down significantly (it's nearly hanging). But this occures when the system is trying to access my ide dvd-rom in "enhaced mode" too.
    The two mode can be choosen from the BIOS setup.

    This is a very annoying thing. I need to connect 4 devices, one of them is an S-ATA hd, the others connected to IDE.

    I bet it can works somehow, with special kernel-configuration, but I can't figure it out, how can I configure...

    Now I use Gentoo linux, but I experienced same problems with Mandrake, etc...

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