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    Western Digital HD

    hi, i havent posted in a while, but i ran into a problem recently
    bought a new Western Digital HD for my ppc g5 (WD3200AAKS, 300GB)
    when i examine it with disk utility (mac) it recognizes it and lists under "Connection ID"

    Device 0, "B (lower)"

    however, it doesnt show up as hdb
    i tried to install gentoo but it simply doesnt recognize the hard drive
    it sees hda
    but under /dev theres no such thing listed as hdb
    i tried mac-fdisk /dev/hdb
    but it complained that there was no such thing as hdb
    under disk utility i tried erasing it, partitioning it, etc.
    no avail

    any ideas?
    if you havent noticed, im not really a hardware genius, so im rather lost as to why mac seems to deal fine with the hd although it theoretically doesnt exist under /dev

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    Linux Guru Segfault's Avatar
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    Welcome to the forums!

    mac-fdisk -l

    This will list all hard drives available to Linux kernel.

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    Thanks, got it lol
    It was listed under sdb
    Although I can't think of a reason why it would be. Anyways, thanks, i finished the installation.....and now its severely broken lol, I'll return in another thread haha....
    Thanks again

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    WorldWideOliver, does it say anywhere on the package that it's a SCSI disk?

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    To my knowledge all IDE, SCSI and SATA drives are now treated the same. There was a merge to one of the drivers a few years back and every drive is reported as sd? now.

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    Correct, using new libata to access IDE drives results in sd? devices. One can still have hd? devices by using old EIDE interface in kernel configuration.
    WD3200AAKS is SATA, BTW.

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