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    Need a way to access EXT formatted partition from Vista

    I need to access my EXT3 formatted partition in Vista. I am using Windows again for this game and my Ubuntu is messed up.

    EXT2IFS does not work in Vista, even with compatibility mode. When I open my drive it asks me to format it.

    EXT2FSD works but gives constant BSODs...

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    Linux Guru Segfault's Avatar
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    I'd use something that can access both EXT3 and NTFS. Linux LiveCD seems to fit the bill.

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    I've found that with EXT2IFS it does actually work, but only when you install it. It doesn't seem to work after a reboot. Try running the installer again and skip rebooting...that might get you going for long enough to get what you need.

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    I need to backup the drive from Windows (My Ubuntu install is messed up)

    And I need to access it because if I am in Windows I want to have access to all my music and what not. Plus my Windows partition is smaller, so I need to be able to store stuff on the EXT one.

    I never got EXT2IFS working, not for a second, not even before rebooting, in fact the drive letter did not even show up until after rebooting...

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