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    It did have errors, actually - I don't remember it any more but I think it might have had something to do with downloading or compiling it for this distro (though I am really not sure).

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    That is normal, and nothing to worry about. It will also ask if you want it to set up the xorg.conf file. You should answer YES to this. If you didn't answer YES, you can still do it. rerun this command, with root privileges.
    sudo nvidia-xconfig
    When you use the nVidia configuration GUI, you should also run that with root privileges.
    sudo nvidia-settings
    If your system isn't configured to use sudo, then gain root privileges by first entering this, and then the root password (it will remain hidden while you type it in).
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    Yes, that's what I did.

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    is the nvidia kernel module loaded?
    lsmod | grep nvidia

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    $ lsmod | grep nvidia
    nvidia              10305592  36 
    i2c_core               22240  6 nvidia,nouveau,i2c_i801,radeon,drm,i2c_algo_bit

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    Hey MTK
    What exactly, in detail, is the problem? Everyone has tried to help with general nvidia setup etc, but without some more detail as to how things are broken, you're going to battle to find the problem.
    Aside from your comment that you cannot change to your text terminals via CTRL+ALT+F1... etc, how does nvidia "take control" of the OS as you say?
    Do you mean that you cannot change video settings from the desktop (KDE) or doesn't your nvidia settings GUI work?
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    It tells the desktop that it is one big monitor instead of two monitors.

    The Ctrl+Alt+F# terminals show a blank screen.

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