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    linux doesnt recognize my burner as a writer

    i tried to burn a cd with k3b, but it gave me an error saying there was no device to burn it with. i looked at the settings it had, and it had my burner as a reader only, and not a write. whats wrong?

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    Writer recognition

    I have never used K3b, but would be amazed if it is anything more than a graphic shell for cdrecord.
    From a terminal type "cdrecord -v -scanbus" to show SCSI devices on system
    "cdrecord -v -scanbus dev=ATA" to show ATAPI under 2.6
    or "cdrecord -v -scanbus dev=ATAPI" for ATAPI under 2.4
    This will give you a list of all your CD-DVD ROMs Writers etc

    Then select your writer from the list and using the numerical target spec against that entry call "cdrecord -v -prcap dev=x,x,x"
    where x,x,x will be say 0,6,0 for a SCSI writer perhaps
    "ATAPI:0,1,0" perhaps for an ATAPI drive found using dev=ATAPI
    "ATA:0,1,0" perhaps for an ATAPI drive using dev=ATA
    (If you get both an ATAPI and a ATA listing, try the ATA first)

    That will get you the capabilities of your drive

    If it tells you what you already know (its a writer) thats fine. If it doesn't you have system specific problems I cant help with.

    A command "cdrecord -v dev=x,x,x -tao -dummy /some/filename.iso" will do a dummy burn to a CD disc on your writer.
    If all else fails actually read the man pages for cdrecord!!
    Depending on the version it may require to specify the mode "-tao" or similar, later versions assume it if nothing else given.

    If that works OK, junk K3b and get a decent program

    CDRchive on the projects is good



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    just a little suggestion, you culd try X-CD-Roast, that's what I'm using (it emerged faster than k3b, I'll be testing k3b later on). Though X-CD-Roast is a little different at first look it worked fine when I burned a few backup discs (I had compiled ISOs with the data).

    btw, you haven't mounted the CD before startng k3b? (when I mount burned CDs it says it's write protected and mounts it read only).

    btw, which distro are you using?
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    Leper Khan,

    whatīs your distro and perhaps more importantly, whatīs your kernel?

    type uname -r for your kernel.

    If itīs 2.6.8 then itīs a known bug. I had the same error as you when I upgraded my kernel from 2.4. Had to compile 2.6.7 and now everything is working fine.
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    from other posts his distro should be fc2
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    have you checked what your fstab says, when I installed FC2, it set my writer as a read only device, changed to read/write k3b worked fine, in fact I wrote my slackware cd's with it !

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