I'm looking for a linux compatible mobo for a my core 2 775.

I found some sites that list mobos but nothing really to say "if you want a 775, here's a list of good linux boards"

So I found one board that looks good and I'm trying to figure out how compatible the audio is, and everything else for that matter.

Home > Motherboards > Intel Socket 775 > Intel P45 > P5Q
(removed link) Asus.com P5Q

It has Realtek ALC1200 audio, which doesn't show up at all here:
(removed link) alsa-project.org Matrix:Main
(removed link) OSS v4.2 Supported device list for Linux

Even if it was on the compatibility list, how can I tell if the 8chan audio will only be 2 channels under linux? I've had that issue before.

I've hit about 20 sites from google searches, is there a really good source of info?
I've found this process a bit frustrating....

(had to remove links to post)