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    Can't reformat USB stick drive

    I have a 2Gb DT Kingston secure USB stick which somehow I have contrived to partially reformat using Gparted - however it now only shows 15Mb of unallocated space and that's it - I cannot seem to get the full empty 2Gb back again.

    Is it because it used to have windows based secure software on it - has it 'locked down' the drive so it's now useless?

    I just want to have 2Gb of EXT type space!

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    with the stick inserted, try

    fdisk -l

    should show the name--sda, or sdb or whatever: suppose sda

    fdisk /dev/sda

    p: shows existing partitions
    d: to delate one by one
    w: to writeback with no partitions
    q: to quit

    then do it again with fdisk

    fdisk /dev/hda

    n: to make new partition
    p: primary
    1: first
    (accept defaults)

    then make a file system

    fsck.ext3 /dev/sda

    should have you up and running again
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    I checked the device in Gparted - it's definitely hdd, yet I get:

    ed@ed-desktop ~ $ fdisk /dev/hdd

    Unable to open /dev/hdd

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    You cannot format a mounted drive. You need to umount it first, then you can repartition and/or reformat it.
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    it's not mounted as none of it is allocated

    it just seems odd that it used to be 2Gb, and now it only shows 15Mb total

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