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    Installing Printer


    I've encountered some problem in setting my printer HP D1560; the printer pulls in paper but prints no image. Could somebody give me advices on how to set it running under WinXP? Many thanks in advance!

    Kind regards

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    Hi eprom,

    I'm a bit confused about your post, but I'll give some information anyway.

    1.) If you are running your printer under linux (not WinXP like you said) then it sounds like you have a printer driver problem. I would look closer at your cups setup to get the right driver installed. Google is a good place to start, but OpenPrinting | The Linux Foundation will probably have information that you need.

    2.) If you are trying to get it working under WinXP then "Linux Forums" is probably the wrong place to be posting your question. Again though, I would probably just look to be sure the driver was installed correctly or that you in fact have ink.

    Good luck.
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    Thank sdimhoff for your reply,

    The printer works well in some distros as I have tried. The problem is it couldn't work on my XP machine. However, it finally works when I swapped my machine, so the problem lies with the machine and not the printer.

    The reason why I tried to post the problem here is because I have already tried some other forums but no working advice yet found. Thanks


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    Hi eprom-

    Since you said that the printer works under some linux distro's "out of the box" without any further configuration of cups, you could use that to see if it is really the machine or some strange thing happening under that windows install only.

    I would suggest that you use your WinXP box, but boot it from livecd of one of the printer-compatible distros that you have already tried. This way you can see if the printer will work on that computer, but with a different operating system.

    This approach has worked well for me in the past. It allows you to test your hardware with multiple setups and figure out if it is truly a hardware or software problem. If all else fails then you can always reinstall windows (heck, you could make it dual boot since you are installing anyway ). A fresh install does wonders (I've noticed this effect with drivers in particular.).

    Good luck!
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    Thanks sdimhoff for your replies

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    the problem with some printers and xp is that you need to install the software first before you connect the printer.
    if this was done then you need to disconnect and uninstall the printer and re install the software before reconnecting
    Failing to do this is a gamble because they function but do not print.
    If the correct istallation procedure has been followed and it still does not print then the driver has been corrupted.
    since the printer is working with some linux this is telling me that it is a driver problem in windows

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