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    hp pavillion media center kernel crash

    i tried different distros. ubuntu, slax, gentoo, TRK, even acronis live cd (which is a Linux). you get a kernel panic. i work in a shop, so I've seen the same models many times. this only happens with the Intel version of the media center desktops. why haven't people caught this. there are literally hundreds of thousands of these desktops? anyway, can someone point out the cause and the solution to this? I'm assuming that theoretically these is no x86 computer that cannot run Linux, run?

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    There's no one cause or simple solution for something like this. Every computer uses different components, and sometimes companies will use different hardware but keep labeling the computer as the same model.

    Debugging Kernel Modules with User Mode Linux

    I don't know if HP Pavilions really are more problematic than other machine, but I have a Pavilion dv8000 with an AMD processor, and it's a pain in the a** to get it working with many distributions. (The latest Mandriva failed to installed altogether.) Though not usually kernel panics.

    It can also be the BIOS firmware.
    HP issues customer advisory on Intel Processors - John at

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    it definetly has to do with the motherboard. i was wondering as whether anyone else has had the same problem with these machines and left a trail on the web. this is because the media center pavillions with p4 simply do not work. ive tried a dozen of them.

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