Hi everybody! Ive just bought an Ausus p7131 tv card, but I cannot get it working on my Opensuse. It's working fine on windows 7.
Alright, so first I ran TVcard settings in Yast control panel and it look like this:
Then I press the "Edit" button, then TV channels and then scanned for channels and the result was this:
Then I installed mythtv from this tutorial: (mhhh, I'm not able to post url to tutorial, anyway, its first result in Google, when you type "mythtv suse") then scanned for channels in mythtv. It founded something, I'm not sure what, but when I tried to watch TV in Mythtv, the result was this:
Then I installed Xawtv and TVtime, but I'm not able to run both of these apps, it appears black window and it immediately disappears.
I have also tried kaffeine, but it works only with digitaltv, but i have only analogue.