I am trying to find what hardware is connect to the "IntelŪ SCH LPC Interface Controller 8119" on my ClarionMind UMPC. It came pre loaded with a locked down version of moblin Linux and I loaded it with windows xp. Please don't hate me for putting windows on this device as I plan on trying out some Ubuntu on it as well later. The problem is thought I can't find one driver for this device for the life of me. I am not even sure what it does but have some problems in windows with standby and battery level not showing up. Away is there way to list all devices connected to my LPC bus. I did some googling and found lspci but the driver i am looking for is not a PCI device. I only really know the basics to Linux so not really sure how to see a driver is loaded for a device. XP also says that it uses IRQ 10 and 2 ports and has a hardware ID of "ACPI\WEC1030\4&2D5FCE06&0" so is there a way to see what driver is loaded in Linux for this device.

Thank you.