Hey guys,

I just converted to Vector Linux, slackware based, from XP (i have previous experience with fedora). I have a Zoostorm Freedom laptop (i cant even find out what mouse it has), and the mouse keeps jumping erratically and often ends up at the edge of the screen immovable, it is totally unuseable. on the plus side USB mouse does work perfectly.

I tried installing the latest synaptics and edited the xorg.conf to remove tap button to stop it clicking on everything, unfortunately this did absolutley nothing. I considered going back to windows but realised that I dont have a cd drive despite the fact it came with a recovery disk :S

Anyone any idea what i could do?



EDIT: I did "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" and is lists 3 mouse inputs :S I recognise one as the USB mouse, the other two are a Macintosh Emulator and ImExPS/2 Generic Explorer. I am asuming my touch pad is the ImExPS/2 as its not a Macintosh, hope this helps.