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    which distro for a Compaq with Cyrix 246mhz

    Can anyone recomend a distro for a 246mhz Cyrix processor with 28mb ram. This system currently runs Win98SE with the swap file set 256mb, would like something that it stable, with looks, and lets me get on web

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    any distro should work. you have 3 options though:

    1) a new distro with a light window manager and not too much installed
    2) an old distro suited for old computers
    3) a new distro suited for old computers like VectorLinux ( also, Slackware ( isn't too bloated and can run on much slower computers than yours.

    the thing that'll slow your computer down the most is X. so choose a window manager wisely. i'd recommend blackbox if you want speed, and enlightenment or icewm if you want some eye candy. but don't try to install kde or gnome (at least not the newest versions), or else that machine will slow to a crawl.

    take the time to hunt for a good distro and window manager. check out for distro information and for info on window managers. good luck and report back on your decision.

    edit: by the way, there's no need to double post, you're question will get answered if you give it time....

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