I am running a laptop off a full install USB Ubuntu 9.04 pendrive to get at a rescue of files off the hard drive -
the fan is constantly running -
the hardinfo utility does show very good cpu clocking.

The hddtemp utility shows the temp at 28 C. when I very first boot up -
but yet this laptop fan is already running.

After sitting in sleep mode the fan is still running . . .
it is probably generating all the heat - now up to 34 C.

This fan is on from the start of booting up this Sharp AL27 laptop -
and I am in a campus library - so among the nuisances is the constant noise of it whirling - it's pretty loud.

While I may be glad the fan works well . . .
Is there any higher level kernel/ architecture command for such an important - but here a nuisance - function ?

Or are there any fan utility available to experiment with ?

Any suggestions appreciated . . . Thank you very much.