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Thread: Sound problem

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    Sound problem

    Hey all, total noob to Linux here.

    This past weekend i managed to create a dual boot on seperate drives Win7 and Linux UE 64bit and loading which ever OS I want to use with GRUB.

    Now everything is working dandy sofar in Linux except it seems that in sound properties, it's picking up my onboard sound & audigy4 card the latter being the one want to use. Could this be the reason why my audigy sound is not working. I have not plugged my speakers into the onboard sound to see if they work.

    SO it seems as if linux is picking up both sound devices but not using either. Also linux sees my audigy 4 as a audigy2 card. I will tonight after work disable the onboard card in the bios to see if it works but if not, am I missing something here?

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    It is not uncommon for the default configuration of the alsa mixer to set the PCM level to 0, which will disable sound. Open the mixer and set the PCM level up to the top, and use the Master slide to control the actual sound level.
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    Thx I will try this. Also disabled the onboard sound in bios and well still did not work. Did notice that in sound properties where it shows hardware audigy2 with only 1 output and 1 input, which does not look right.

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