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    to get Cpu tempt and status


    is there any command in linux to know the processor temperature and its status??

    with root permissions i tried with using the proc commd.... it gave io error saying permission denied....
    thru these system details are obtaind

    since im not familiar with its usage,so how this proc cmmd should be used to extract the required info abt the system & display them?

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    proc is no command, but is supposed to be directory of files to be read.
    Hence cat proc/cpuinfo.

    Look for a package lm-sensors.
    It provides a tool called sensors.
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    Generally, you need to have lm-sensors installed, and a module to suit your CPU. The command is sensors, but do a bit of googling, because the results may be quite delirious if you don't set it up correctly. Some hardware never seems to give sensible results. There's quite a lot of stuff on the web about lm-sensors for this reason.
    There's a how-to on the Ubuntu forums, but since I'm still in short pants on this forum, I'm not allowed to post a link.

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    Now that I've got 15 posts, I'm obviously trustworthy, so here's the link:
    HOW TO: Install and configure lm-sensors - Ubuntu Forums
    There's also a rather good GUI app called hardinfo.

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    i actually wanted a command that gives me all the info....
    stat -f filename gives the info of that particular file

    isnt there a command to find out the CPU tempt & CPU usage??
    I need the command 4that

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