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    [SOLVED] Want to label flash drives

    Using Debian Lenny

    I'm trying to label my usb flash drives.
    I checked on the Internet and found a page, but I can't get it to

    I umounted the usb drive. I checked it with
    Debian:~# blkid
    /dev/sda1: UUID="B1CC-3C4F" TYPE="vfat"

    but when I try to make a label I get this message:
    Debian:~# mlabel -i /dev/sda1 ::VFAT_DOC
    Can't open /dev/sda1: No such file or directory
    Cannot initialize '::'
    mlabel: Cannot initialize drive

    If I try mlabel -i /dev/sda1 ::VFAT_DOC when the drive is mounted
    I get this output:
    Debian:~# mlabel -i /dev/sda1 ::VFAT_DOC
    Total number of sectors (7855032) not a multiple of sectors per track (62)!
    Add mtools_skip_check=1 to your .mtoolsrc file to skip this test
    but no label is attaached to the drive.

    I added this to /etc/mtools.conf:
    drive p: file=/dev/sdb1
    and ran this command:
    mlabel p:VFAT_DOC
    and still can't get it to work
    Can't open /dev/sda1: No such file or directory
    Cannot initialize 'P:'
    mlabel: Cannot initialize drive

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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    I tried this again as a normal user and it worked.
    It doesn't work as root.
    What would be the reason for this?

    When I use blkid to get a prinout:
    /dev/sda1: UUID="B1CC-3C4F" TYPE="vfat" LABEL="VFAT-DOC"
    /dev/sda: UUID="f6d37e07-f1fd-4971-a6c9-b3f54cd66e1a" TYPE="ext2" LABEL="ext2-doc"

    it still shows /dev/sda1 as the vfat flash drive even though it is no longer attached. If I mount another flash drive it will put it under /dev/sda. Has linux reserved this device for this flash drive?


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    Accoding to the man page on my system, mlabel should be used like this: mlabel [-vcsn] [-N serial] drive:[new_label] which makes me think you are using the wrong syntax. What happens if you do this as root?
    mlabel /dev/sda1:VFAT_DOC
    This is assuming /dev/sda is the flash drive. Normally it would be the system boot drive, so make sure you are using the correct device ID.
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    I did some more work on this and found the solution.
    I need a .mtoolsrc for mlabel to work.That is why it
    wasn't working as root.

    I don't know what the difference is between safely remove and
    umount a flash drive, but when I safely remove I can't access the drive with mlabel, but when I umount I can.
    The pop-up when Iinsert the flash drive sometimes gives me one
    option and sometimes the other.

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