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    Trouble with hibernate/suspend

    I am beginning to think that I am having a hardware issue, since I have had hibernate/suspend problems with every OS I have tried on my Dell.

    Running a Dell with a Pentium 4 (more info available if you tell me what you need to know). I just installed Fedora 12 on it. It goes into hibernate just fine, but when I try to come out, the screen goes black and will not do anything. Have to do a hard shut down and reboot. Not good for the computer or my nerves.

    I think it might be hardware because I have installed six or seven different distributions, with three different desktops (Gnome, KDE, and XFCE) on this machine, and none of them will hibernate or suspend properly. I do not want to shut down and start-up each day, I would rahter go into low power mode and save the life of the hardware.

    So to the people who know about hardware, does this sound like a hardware problem? Or does it sound like software, and I could fix it with a good install from a professional disk (all the ones I have used have been homemade on my other computer, which is currently running Mint 8 LXDE CE just fine).

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    If your concern is to avoid the wear and tear that occurs during startup/shutdown you don't want to hibernate because the process of hibernating includes shutting down the computer.

    As far as sleep/suspend goes, different computers have their own different quirks when it comes to suspending: there are multiple implementations of suspending for linux and each has its own set of tricks and workarounds that can be turned on or off.

    Why am I telling you this? Because it's possible that you just haven't found the right configuration for suspending your computer "properly." Or it could be that the hardware really won't suspend.
    Did you ever have Windows on that computer? Was it able to sleep? If it was then there's still hope.

    You should search around and see if anyone was able to get linux to suspend your particular computer model.
    What kind of dell is it?

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