Alright, so it didn't work in Windows XP, cuz I need Windows Media Center. So I thought hey, I should use Ubuntu. It's a HP ExpressCard Digital/Analog TV Tuner Card. It's laptop card. The thing is, I'm not using a laptop, so I could care less about the tuner card. I'm just trying to get the remote to work. It comes with a full sized HP MCE remote and a mini one. I'm not sure what info I need to get it working. This is the info I have:

HP P/N: 438587-001
HP S/N: 439130-001
Rev C

The remote (I believe) is an HP RC1804911/06

When I did some research on the card awhile back I remember reading that the card was a Haupannage card.
I also found this, but I have no idea what to do with it:
And I heard that lirc was something I needed. I installed a config app for it, but no luck. I went to lirc's site and found that the RC1804912 remote is compatible with lirc and that remote is almost the same one. I just have no idea on how to configure lirc. If no on can help me here, is there someone that can at least point me in the right direction? Basically, what I want to do is get the thing to work with my Media Center app (either Enna or Moovida). Maybe in Gnome too, like my ATI remote that I have for my other computer that came with my ATI Theater 550 TV Tuner. That remote worked with Ubuntu out of box, which was a huge relief.