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    Serial port problem

    I am stuck with my serial port , I need some help please

    I am using a linux version from lfs and my linux can not detect any serial port.
    I have read lots of article about it, What i understand is kernel (2.6 for me) detects serial ports automatically.
    I looked at my bios settings and there are serial ports which are set to irqs however "dmesg | grep ttys" is not showing any ttys output,
    I also looked at /proc/devices here is output

    Character devices:
    1 mem
    2 pty
    3 ttyp
    4 /dev/vc/0
    4 tty
    5 /dev/tty
    5 /dev/console
    5 /dev/ptmx
    7 vcs
    10 misc
    13 input
    21 sg
    29 fb
    128 ptm
    136 pts
    180 usb
    189 usb_device

    I install setserial proc however dont want to use it without knowing what I am doing . Could you describe how can I setup a serial port on my linux.
    Thank you

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    There are no entries in /dev like /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1, etc? What kernel are you running (you can find out with the command uname -r)?
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    You can't get ttyS0... by reading /proc/devices, I think 'ls -l /dev/ ', you can find your
    ttyS0 ttyS1 ..and so on, you can use minicom to use it .

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    Serial port problem

    Try ls -l /dev/* | grep -i ttyS it is a bit shorter listing.
    By any chance do you have a dialup modem attatched? It may well be on a serial port if so.
    Baring the preceding, try "cd /proc" and "cat ioports". Scan the listing for serial and/or addresses (on the left) of 2F8 and 3F8. Those are the serial ports.

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