I live in a remote location and our phone lines are not the best we use
RH8 Kernel 2.4.18-14 and a 33 kbps modem it gets the same speed as a 56K.
Now we would like to upgrade to Mandrake 10.1 or Slackware 10.0 but they don't see my modem I don't want to buy a new one so can I get it to work with the new distros.
I have spent hours reading how to's and with no success. It's a
internal ISA PNP modem on /dev/ttyS1 irq 3 port 0x02f8. I used seterial in Slack 10.0
and still kpp reckons it's busy. It works fine in RH8 and is called a generic modem.
Is their any one out their that can help.