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    Thumbs down IDE controller/bios or drives?

    here's my problem. basically linux has been freezing on me, and it seems because the drives just 'go dead'...meaning all HD activity stops...mouse pointer still works but things can not be opened and trying to ctrl+alt+del gives me an error saying cant launch command..... now a hard reset is in order. Then i get the bios post "NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND" and i get in a boot loop....bios does not detect my 2 IDE drives in the boot order section (just says IDE0 and IDE1 instead of the usual drive names/model numbers), usually unplugging the computer for several minutes fixes this..sometimes it takes several tries to get the HD to come back to life. This is on both my internal IDE's (WD 250 GB and seagate 80GB, both have healthy smart status aside from 1 pending sector on the slave drive) . I have tried new IDE cables and made sure there are no bent pins. No jumpers have been altered. Im thinking my IDE controller is failing, but not sure. My MB supports SATA so i might have to switch, dont really want to buy new drives for this 5 year old machine. Its an IBM thinkcenter with l ubuntu 10.04.

    thanks in advance

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    Not sure where you are located, if eBay is within your reach an add-on controller will cost you less than ten bucks.

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    Your IDE controller is bad. Assuming it has 4 ports (2 masters, 2 slaves) and you only have 1 or 2 drives, then you might try switching to the other master/slave ports. In any case, with a sata controller available, switch to sata drives. I only use my IDE controller for CD/DVD drives any more. Sata performance is SOOOO much better... Also, sata drives are not expensive. A 1TB drive is typically under $100USD these days. In fact, right now on, a 1TB Seagate Barracuda is $69.95 incl. shipping.
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    OK, so now the linux compatibility issues. I found a cheap IDE+sata controller on ebay...apears 'no name' but has a VIA chipset on it... v16421a to be exact. It does say ''windows 98/xp/linux' under compatibility, but its from hong kong so who knows

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    haha, well i won the it for a buck!! IDE/sata controller..comes with a SATA cable too. Hope Linux isn't too fussy on this card

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