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    /dev/cdrom & /dev/hdc access issues

    I am running Fedora 1. Under my normal user account (not root), I am having problems accessing audio CDs in the cdrom. I traced the problem to the access rights on /dev/hdc (my symlink /dev/cdrom points to /dev/hdc). /dev/hdc was owned by root and had access rights 600. I chmoded the /dev/hdc to 777 and everything worked fine. After I played a few audio CDs and ejected the disks with the eject command, the problem came back.

    I checked the rights again and they reverted back to 600. Again, chmoding to 777 fixed the issue. But, the problem keeps coming back. Does anyone have an idea why the /dev/hdc rights are changing? I do have kudzu running, is that the issue?

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    If you are running udev, you can just change the permissions on your hdc in /etc/udev/permissions.d/50-udev.permissions. I can't recall how to do this in devfsd, though...
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    FC1 uses neither udev nor devfs; it has static device nodes. Maybe your /etc/security/console.perms is incorrect? It shouldn't be, though... it's correct in all default FC1 installations I've done.

    Could it be that you have some other program running that keeps chowning it?

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