I have a very generic webcam I bought when I was using Windows. It's even very difficult to access the manufacturer and model info from the cam itself and the documentation provided; the box reads "PC USB Internet Video Camera WC10" and doesn't explicitly support anything other than a Windows OS. They provide a Logitech Electronics Inc. address, so they might be the manufacturers. The webcam is definitely seen by my system (Debian, 2.6.7 kernel, KDE 3.3 desktop environment) and the info center in KDE gives:

USB camera
Class 0 (Defined at interface level)
Subclass 0
Protocol 0
USB version 1.16
Vendor ID 0xc45 (Microdia)
Product ID 0x6029 (Triplex i-mini PC camera)
Revision 1.1
Speed 12 Mbit/s
Channels 0
Max. packet size 0

I can see numerous /dev/video devices in my system, but the webcam doesn't seem to communicate to any of them, as neither xawtv nor xcam, nor gnomemeeting can get any signal from them. So I think I'm missing drivers for this webcam. Can anybody please help?