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    Amilo A1630 & Mandrake 10.1 x86-64

    I'm having dificulties getting all of the drivers/rpms/etc for this distro and my laptop.

    After much searching, i've found support for the wireless card but not sound or graphics

    The sound card is an alc655 chipset (AC97) but i cannot for the life of me find an x86-64 driver :s

    The graphics card is a Radeon 9700 128MB (mobile) with a WXGA Screen (1280*800/24) - neither Fujitsu (Manufacturer) nor ATI have drivers or help for this.

    Most important to me is to get the darn thing working, as it's needed quite desperatly for uni work :'(

    I currently have it running 1024*768/24 CUSTOM (blurry) and the sound isn't more like a piece of chalk & nails being run up and down a blackboard!

    Any help would be VERY much appreciated!!!

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    First off, ATI's Linux driver support blows. Not much you can do there except use a vesa driver to use X. I don't think you'll be able to get glx running, but I haven't grepped google for info on that.

    Check out this post to try to make a difference with ATI.

    As far as your sound...are you actually getting sound? What kernel are you running and what sound driver are you using?
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    FSC Amilo A1630

    Hi all,
    I have had a good level of success getting Linux working on this rather handy laptop. I'm using SuSE Pro 9.2 64Bit and have 3d graphics, wireless networking etc all working. The only functions not tested as yet are the SD card reader and Smartlink winmodem...otherwise, I'm very impressed with the Laptop running Linux.
    If I can help, my email is ckibue at access350 dot co dot ke.

    Good day all.

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