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    flat and twisted pair cable


    Although. this question is not related to linux but I am curious to know, the difference between flat and twisted wire cable.

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    You mean network cables?
    Flat are Giga bit Ethernet cables as I remember.

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    The twisting of ethernet cables is done to reduce interference. Flat cables are by definition untwisted and thus less well protected against that, but fit better under the carpet.
    And neither should be mistaken for a cross cable

    Ethernet over twisted pair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    "Normal" Cat5 cable is twisted twisted pair. Meaning that there are pairs of cables that are twisted together, and then the twisted pairs are are twisted with each other.

    In a flat cable, the twisted pairs are not twisted together again. However, IIRC, most of them will have a third wire as a "drain" to reduce interference.

    Baiscally, unless you are in a area with a lot of interference, the only different to worry about is the thickness.

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